Kmart: 10x email marketing opt-ins

When one of Australia’s largest retailers set an ambitious target for growing their email marketing database, we got to work at helping them get there

Kmart Australia realised a whopping 1000% increase opt-ins to their Kmail marketing list by applying my experimentation and evidence based design principles


Kmart Australia


A/B Testing

User research

UX design


1000% increase in e-mail marketing subscriptions

The challenge

Kmart sought to vasly increase email opt-ins to their Kmail marketing program.

What we did

Using an approach combining of user research, analytics and experimentation we sought to optimise the Kmail sign-up journey.

  • Implemented event level funnel tracking to identify problem areas and growth opportunities
  • Undertook user research to help understand customer needs and motivations
  • Deployed an iterative series of targeted A/B tests to identify ideal moment in the user journey to prompt customers to opt-in for email marketing

“An absolutely awesome result!”

Joachim Holte, Head of Digital Marketing, Kmart Australia

The result

  • A whopping 1000% increase in email marketing opt-ins
  • Kmart to reach their stated target in a fraction of the time they had previously estimated
  • Seven figures in incremental email marketing attributed sales in the first year alone

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